Who Could Be the Nominees in NY27?

Movement unlikely until special election announcement

Tom Puckett
December 23, 2019 - 4:00 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) As the new year approaches, some are still wondering about filling NY27, vacant since Chris Collins resigned in an insider trading scandal. Those in the know say don't expect much movement until we hear from the Governor on a special election.

Erie County Democratic Party Chairman Jeremy Zellner says not much is happening right now. "Seven other county chairmen in the 27th district have made it clear they support Nate McMurray. What we wanted to do was hear from any candidate interested and have an open process," says Zellner. He says most of the party leadership prefer McMurray over Melodie Baker, who explored a candidacy but has since dropped out of the running.

Zellner says once the special election is announced by Governor Cuomo, it's likely McMurray will be formally nominated. "I think it'll happen sooner than later. I'll have to speak with the other seven chairs after hearing what the governor says before we make any plans and go from there," says Zellner.

Former Erie County Republican Chairman Bob Davis says he has not heard on any timeline for a nomination process. "I think it's pretty loose right now. There are several people who are interested right now, but I haven't heard about anyone who may be emerging," says Davis. But Davis thinks if Erie County Comptroller Stefan Mychajliw enters he could be a strong candidate, as is State Senator Chris Jacobs.

Davis says the timing of the special election when announced by the governor could lead to trouble for the GOP. "That will not bode well if the special election is held the same day as the presidential primary because there'll be a heavy Democratic turnout because of the Democrati presidential primary, and that could be an advantage for McMurray, but again we have to see what the date is," notes Davis.  NY27 is one of the strongest Republican congressional districts in New York.

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