What's next for local Republicans after primary?

NY-27 and governor's race two biggest hurdles in Western New York

Mike Baggerman
September 14, 2018 - 3:00 am

Erie County Republican backdrop. September 13, 2018 (WBEN Photo/Mike Baggerman)


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) - A decision for the republican spot in New York's 27th congressional district is expected to come next week, according to Erie County GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy.

"We will meet as chairs for the first time in Albany on Tuesday," Langworthy told WBEN. "I don't expect we will be making a substitution on Tuesday but we will have a date definite on when it will be done. I think things have to move next week. It would really have to start to take shape because we are starting to get really close to the election."

Langworthy wouldn't divulge their plan to replace Collins though he continued to insist that the indicted congressman can be taken off the ballot. He said that democrats could use that information if they said anything before making an announcement while also adding that he hasn't been focused on candidate selection but, instead, the process to get Collins removed.

The republican chairman is pointing towards a double standard for Assemblyman Deborah Glick from lower Manhattan. He said democrats placed an attorney on the working families line for the assembly but are now moving to give that attorney a nomination for supreme court and replace the attorney with Cynthia Nixon, who lost to Cuomo in the democratic primary on Thursday night.

"Some of the same exact tactics that, even though we haven't speculated exactly we're going to do for New York-27 on the ballot, some of the same things I'm being attacked by my democratic opposition for," Langworthy pointed out. "These plans are in the works and have been for months by Andrew Cuomo and his working family party cronies."

Nixon has not made public yet her intention to still run for governor under the working families line. Nixon lost by 30 points to the governor, with 25,711 people voting for her according to the unofficial results from the Erie County Board of Elections. 

Republican governor candidate Marc Molinaro is scheduled to be in Western New York on Friday. 


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