What's Next to Keep E-Cigarettes Away from Youth?

State lawmakers say businesses are cooperating

Tom Puckett
September 16, 2019 - 4:00 am

AP Photo


Buffalo, NY (WBEN) After both Governor Cuomo and President Trump ordered efforts to keep vaping marketing away from children, state lawmakers are also looking to see what they can do.

Governor Cuomo announced on Thursday he signed an executive order directing state agencies overseeing anti-tobacco programs to address the newer methods of tobacco use. Cuomo also signed into law a mandate that state anti-tobacco campaigns include vaping as well as traditional tobacco. President Trump ordered the FDA to look into banning flavored vaping products. 

State Senator Tim Kennedy says there's been cooperation. "The business community has been helpful in ensuring there are proper regulations, but we need to make sure no matter what regulations are in place, the focus needs to be in keeping these addictive products out of the hands of children," says Kennedy. "This past year, we advanced legislation to make the tobacco buying the age is 21. The next proper step is to ensure we're educating our youth on preventative measures to keep these addictive substances away from our youth."

Assemblyman Sean Ryan says there's a push to separate vaping from tobacco cigarettes. He disagrees, saying "it's just one more delivery system for a highly addictive substance called nicotine." Ryan says it's a dangerous product that should not be marketed toward children. "If it's used for vaping to help people quit smoking, it's one use, but marketing toward our children has no place in our society," adds Ryan.

Ryan says vaping is the new gateway toward nicotine addiction. "We've driven down smoking levels over the years through education. But now those levels have spiked up in the use of nicotine through vaping," says Ryan.

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