What's Next After Whaley Firing?

Experts Weigh in on Where the Bills Go From Here

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(WBEN) - A day after the Buffalo Bills cleaned house by firing General Manager Doug Whaley and the entire scouting staff, fans are already looking ahead to what's next. 

Owner Terry Pegula said Sunday that he is looking forward to finding a new General Manager for the Bills, and sounded as if he will be hands-on during the search. The Pegulas did not hire Whaley, but did give him a contract extension in January of 2016. 

On WBEN Monday Morning, we asked those who follow the team closest what they thought of the firings, and what's next at One Bills Drive:

Howard Simon, WGR 550 Morning Host, on the timing of the moves:

"That's the way it works, you're not going to fire these guys before the big show. On Broadway if you don't like the actors in your show you're not going to fire them opening night, you're going to wait and get through some of the engagements. You don't fire scouts in January. They've done all the legwork, they've watched all the games... They've done all your homework now they're going to take the information and give it to other teams. You wait until the draft is over."

Sal Capaccio, WGR 550 Bills Beat Reporter, on Sean McDermott's role on the team:

"Make no mistake, these Bills will be built by McDermott. It's interesting because he doesn't have that clout of a Bill Belichick or Andy Reid yet, and for a first time head coach to wield all that power is super interesting. It appears that Terry and Kim Pegula really have faith and trust in what he wants, and this is the direction the team is going to go."

John Wawrow, AP Sports Reporter, on rumors the new GM could come from the Carolina Panthers:

"That would be my guess, because it makes sense to bring in somebody who Sean McDermott has worked with. Terry (Pegula) said he wanted to have a collaborative effort... you're going to bring a guy in who Sean McDermott knows and has trust in. You want to look at people he worked with in Philadelphia, or people that are close to Andy Reid his former coach with the Eagles, or people that he dealt with in Carolina. The feeling is that Brandon Beane is the early contender."

Paul Hamilton, WGR 550 Sabres and Bills Reporter, on the Pegulas' involvement:

"I don't know if I'd use enjoying as the word, but I think they're happy that they're running the search now, that they're in charge of it, and that they'll be tied to it. They were really never tied to (Sabres GM Tim) Murray... I think they now want their fate in their hands, and that's what they've got." 

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