What you Should Know if a Drone is on the Holiday Wishlist

December 06, 2016 - 10:43 pm
Hamburg, NY (WBEN) - It's one of the most requested gifts this holiday season, but what should you know if you plan on buying a drone?

First, there are big differences between models.

"You've got a wide range of quality out there and it's hard to tell the good drones from the bad ones," said William Aumer, who owns No Limit UAV, a Hamburg company that sells drones and accessories. "You want to talk to somebody familiar with them."

The drones Aumer sells can range in price from $100 to well over $1,000. For the most part, he says consumers are looking for drones that fit in to one of two different categories.

"People that want to pursue aerial photography have a different drone than people that are interested in getting in to drone racing," Aumer said. "The equipment is very different between those two worlds. The drone racing is a cheaper hobby right now, with photography being a bit more expensive."

Luckily for parents then, Aumer said drone racing is growing in popularity and is what many first time buyers are looking for.

As far as how young is too young, Aumer is a bit biased but said that kids as young as seven should be able to get in to the hobby, adding that the young ones are often quicker to pick up on flying than older adults.

Aumer's company sells drones and accessories that many professionals would use, but cheaper options are available through different avenues. Drones under $50 may be the perfect place to start, especially if you don't see drone flying as being a lasting interest. Cheaper drones may be made of materials that can last longer after crashing, but often have battery lives that last under 10 minutes.
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