What About The Old Children's Hospital?

There are already plans for the Bryant Street building

Richard Root
November 10, 2017 - 6:12 am
Bryant St. Women's and Children's Hospital

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - With all of the excitement over the move from the Bryant Street campus to the new campus on Ellicott Street, you might think the fate of the old building was put on the back burner.  In reality, the opposite is the case.

Children's Hospital spokesman Michael Hughes says they have already have a development contract in place. Ellicott Development and Sinatra Real Estate will handle the redevelopment of the Byrant Street site.

Hughes says they just need to get out of the building and close on the development contract.

"We have about two months to remove any of the outstanding furniture, artwork, medical equipment, things like that," Hughes says, "and then they will being their environmental testing."

An ambulance will be parked outside of the old building for a month with a sign saying "we moved".

Hughes says they will re-purpose whatever equipment is left over by distributing it throughout the Kaleida Health system, and donate left over furniture.

Ellicott Development and Sinatra Real Estate are working under guidelines set by Kaleida to turned the old building into residential housing at market rental-rates, and find other uses the benefit the neighborhood.

Kaleida Health President Jody Lomeo insists the community is involved in developing plans for the Bryant Street campus.

"I feel good about (the developer's plan), and I think, from the neighborhood perspective, as long as the neighborhood continues to be part of the decision making there, and their voices are heard, and they see action, and dirt being moved, and buildings being renovated, or knocked down, I think people will be happy," Lomeo said.

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