Whaley: \"It starts with me\"

January 02, 2017 - 9:03 am

Doug Whaley met with the media for his annual end-of-year press conference to address the failures of the 2016 season that saw the Bills finish 7-9 for the fourth time in the last decade. 

Whaley was drilled on a number of topics this afternoon including the firing of Rex Ryan, who will lead the search for his potential replacement, the future of Tyrod Taylor and what Whaley's role in previous organizational decisions. 

"This search will be different," Whaley added. "This one will fall squarely on my shoulders with the help of Jim Monos."

Whaley was also asked about his relationships with the two previous head coaches he's worked with and why the fans should expect anything different this time around. "Anytime there's something [coach leaves or gets fired] the automatic thing that people will point to is the relationship between the coach and GM. I have a healthy respect and a professional working relationship with both of those guys [Rex Ryan and Doug Marrone] so I would disagree with those reports." 

You can hear the entire press conference below:

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