WGR's Jeremy White details tragic loss of quadruplets

"There are important messages in this story"

Tim Wenger
October 01, 2019 - 10:00 pm

Instagram Photo: Jeremy White and wife Mollie


There are few words that can describe the reality of the raw human emotion that unfolded Tuesday as Jeremy White returned to work to broadcast and share the most difficult news imaginable.

It was an incredibly emotional, poignant and moving half hour on WGR Radio as morning personality Jeremy White returned to the airwaves after a week-long absence to detail the tragic loss of the quadruplets he and his wife Molly were expecting.

"We turned our life upside down preparing for them", said White, as his voice cracked and he began the courageous task of detailing an unthinkable tragedy.

For weeks, Jeremy and Molly had been telling their story of the emotional roller coaster they were experiencing after they learned they would be the parents of quadruplets.  Their social media posts were joyous, personal, incredibly intriguing and truthful.  That openess and honesty in their experiences also meant Jeremy needed to share the horrific grief that he, his wife and family are struggling to work through after a week that ended with all four infants being born and passing away.

White walked his audience through the week that began after the Buffalo Bills game September 22nd and a trip to the emergency room at Oishei Children's Hospital.  In the days that unfolded last week, one by one the quadruplets were born in pre-term labor, each passing after Jeremy and Mollie were able to meet them and form a bond that will last a lifetime.

"We lost our quadruplets because they were born too soon. There's nothing they could have done", said White as he told cohost Howard Simon and his listeners the horrifying details of the quadruplets' fate.

Jeremy and Mollie are now finding strength and support from the very community of family, friends and listeners who were following the 'Buffaloquads' story on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and on the radio.

Godspeed Zoe, Lincoln, Miles and Brecken.


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