Weather Affecting Buffalo's Parks

Mowers sinking into softer lawns, especially in low lying areas

Tom Puckett
June 18, 2019 - 4:00 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The huge swath of mud after last week's Corporate Challenge at Delaware Park was not the only city park facing issues. The wet spring has made it tough for crews to cut the grass at many others.

At Delaware Park, the city is working with Olmsted Parks to establish a rehabiliation plan. "It's going to take weeks to execute that plan, and part of it is the normalization of the weather around here," says Buffalo Deputy Public Works Commissioner Andy Raab and limiting access to those areas until that's complete.

Raab says it's a direct result of record wet spring weather, and Delaware Park is not along when it comes to soft grounds. He says any park with low lying areas has been soaked. "You can see in small neighborhood parks a low area it's tough to get into. There are also general parks like JH Williams or Houghton that have really low-lying areas to get in," says Raab. He's instructed crews to avoid those areas if they sense their mowers are sinking into the ground. "We're trying to minimize the damage we're doing with our own equipment. We haven't stopped mowing, we need things to dry out before we can properly maintain them."

Raab says events are not in jeopardy of cancellation. "We haven't stopped any events. We've had games and worked with our leagues to keep as many activities as we can going. We evaluate the fields every day to see which ones are playable, and we communicate with little leagues and Buffalo Public Schools of that," explains Raab.

He does not anticipate cancelling any event.


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