Water Restrictions Lifted for Southtowns

ECWA repairs baseball-sized hole in Sturgeon Point water main

Tom Puckett
August 14, 2017 - 12:53 pm

Dreamstime photo


Buffalo, NY (WBEN) The Erie County Water Authority has lifted water restrictions for the southtowns after crews made a temporary repair of the water main break at Sturgeon Point.

The authority says it brought in outside experts to accomplish a sturdy but temporary repair through a remarkable process. A specialist from Hydra Tech Inc. out of Cincinnati, Ohio and two Authority staff entered the 42-inch pipe from inside the treatment plant, crawling about 40 feet in to the site of the break. Providing adequate oxygen and light was a primary challenge. Deep in the pipe and almost 20 feet down, the men repaired the leak - a hole about the size of a baseball - from the inside, laying on their backs in six inches of water with groundwater flowing back into the pipe onto them through the hole. 

While this is a temporary fix, it will hold much longer than it will take for ECWA to permanently repair the leak from outside the pipe.

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