Wallet Hub Calls Buffalo's Parking Rates Highest in the Nation

BCAR: Study worse than 'fake news'

Tom Puckett
July 12, 2018 - 4:00 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) A new study out by Wallet Hub ranks Buffalo among the most expensive places to park. But a pair of parking ramp operators are putting the brakes on that report.

Wallet Hub says Buffalo's average price for two hours of parking is $27.44, putting it in a tie with New York and Boston for highest rate in the nation. "I think that's worse than fake news," says Sam Iraci of Buffalo Civic Auto Ramps. "I don't know where they got their information from, but we don't charge anything close to that. We charge $2 an hour." Iraci cites a report from Parking Property Advisers, a national parking consultancy that shows Buffalo is not near the top 40. "With New York City at $27, maybe they don't know how far Buffalo is from that," says Iraci.

"I think they're doing a disservice to the city, Mayor Brown, and the BCAR in their efforts to keep rates affordable," says Iraci, who notes Wallet Hub needs to do more homework.

Same goes for Craig Barber of AllPro Parking. "Those are certainly not indicative of any of the rates I'm familiar with in downtown Buffalo, so I don't know what their source of information is, but I suggest it's inaccurate," says Barber. "Different entities use different pricing models, but two hours in Buffalo would typically range from $2-$5."

Barber says while some people are doing market rate pricing, but nothing out of the ordinary in the last couple of years.

He suggests what could have led Wallet Hub astray. "One operation in town advertises a range of $5-$75, but that's a range, not reality, what anyone would pay for one or two hours," says Barber.

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