W. Seneca Approves 8.6% Tax Hike; Taxpayers Confront Board

Residents outraged; blame bloated government

Richard Root
November 14, 2017 - 5:54 am

WBEN Photo/Tim Wenger


West Seneca, NY (WBEN) - The West Seneca Town Board approved an 8.6% tax hike last night.  While lower than the proposed 12% tax increase, the move was still a very unpopular one, with the crowd, at one point, calling for Supervisor Sheila Meegan to resign.

Residents at the meeting were blaming current town officials over the need for the 8.6 % increase.

Sue McAneney at one point got up and asked each official if they knew how much of a raise they received.  All but the police chief did not know.

"You can not expect us to respect you when you tell us you have to raise our taxes and you're giving yourselves exorbitant raises on the backs of the taxpayers," McAneney said while she was scolding town officials.

"I have no respect for you at all. How can you in all good conscience, shame on all of you, all of you...have you no conscience?" 

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HEAR McAneney at the bottom of this page and Town Board Member Eugene Hart -- who voted for the tax increase- below



Town Councilman Eugene Hart voted for the tax increase. He says, between employee benefits, union contracts, and mandated updates, their hands are tied. He did not expect that the tax increase would need to be so high.

Hart said West Seneca rates are too low compared to other towns that have gone through double-digit tax hikes.

"So when they get a 2%, it's a real 2% of $100,000," Hart explained, "when we get it, it's 12%, or 8% in this case, on $40,000 if you're talking $100,000.  So it's hard to compare them."

Hart says other towns with lower tax rates will have to go through the same thing sooner than later.

After the meeting, Supervisor Meegan left immediately afterward and did not take questions. 

Hear resident Sue McAneney speak out: 

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