Vote to Expand Social Host Law May be Coming Soon

Amendment may include opiates and marijuana

November 15, 2018 - 4:02 pm

BUFFALO (WBEN) - There may be some additions to the social hosting law that attempts to prevent parents from serving alcohol to minors who aren't their children. The Erie County Legislature was expected to vote on an amendment to the law this afternoon, but some formality hiccups will push that vote to December's session.

"You're not allowed to serve a minor alcohol who is not your child," said Erie County Legislator Lynne Dixon, who serves the 9th District. "That passed in 2014, and the amendment that I actually introduced several months ago, adds opiates, opioids, marijuana to that social host law."

She explained why the vote was stalled.

"The process when you're introducing a local law or an amendment to a local law, is that we have community discussions, which we did have, and then you have a public hearing, which was held this past week," said Dixon. "After the public hearing is held, then you can move forward with the vote on the local law. What was presented to me this morning from the chairman of the legislature is that there was an amendment to the charter, in which the county attorney's office has to weigh in to ensure that the language is correct and proper, and we believe that it is, but we have not received a final opinion on that from the county attorney, which would delay it."

Dixon doesn't anticipate much, if any, opposition when the vote takes place.

"Certainly, I would have every hope and every expectation, it's been long enough, that we do vote on it in the next session," she said. "I would like to believe that everybody is behind this effort. I know that the original social host law passed 10-1 - I don't think there's any opposition to this."

Hear full audio from Dixon below:

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