VIDEO: Caputo on Fox News, ABC, Earns Trump Praise in A Tweet

Caputo: "Never heard the word Russia"

July 15, 2017 - 7:15 am

Washington DC (WBEN) - Former Trump campaign official and WBEN contributor Michael Caputo says he has told the House Intelligence Committee that he "never heard the word Russia" during his time on President Donald Trump's campaign. It''s a message he delivered at the hearings, and in a series of media appearances after that including on Fox News with Tucker Carlson Friday, and Sunday morning on ABC's This Week with George Stephanpoulous, drwaing praise from Trump in a tweet.



The closed session is part of the panel's investigation into Russian interference in the election and possible connections to Trump's campaign.

 Caputo says he testified voluntarily in an effort to clear his name. He says he and his wife have received death threats since he's been connected with the investigation.

Caputo served as a Trump adviser and oversaw the New York state campaign. He lived years ago in Russia, and worked for the Russian-owned Gazprom Media after returning to the United States.

Caputo says he was never asked about his time in the country while on the campaign.

Caputo appeared on Tucker Carlson's show on FoxNews Friday night.

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