Uber Warns of Scams

Only arrange for rides through app, says Uber

Tom Puckett
July 17, 2017 - 4:00 am



Buffalo, NY (WBEN) As ridesharing becomes more common in Western New York, there are warnings about scams. One ridesharing service falling for them can mean losing out on protections it provides.

Uber's Susan Hendrick says when you reserve a ride through the Uber app, you'll get information you can confirm when the ride pulls up. "Check the driver, you're provided with the driver's name and photo, plus before you step in, you can confirm the make and model and license plate number," says Hendrick. "You should only take trips requested through the app, and you can verify the information you get as the driver heads to you." Another reason to only schedule the app, you won't know who the driver is and neither will Uber. "We have GPS tracking every trip, so you can see the route, and you can share real time with friends and family so you can assure them you got home safely."

Hendrick says there have been reports of people posing as rideshare drivers looking for someone outside a bar or at the airport with a phone out who may appear distracted or intoxicated. "If you're offered an Uber ride for cash, that's not an Uber trip. Don't go in there because you'll lose all the safety technology we have," warns Hendrick.

There's also a way to maintain privacy by offering cross streets as a pickup or dropoff point. 


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