UB student to sue Erie County Sheriff's over Bills game arrest

VIdeo INSIDE: "In the tape I see a clearly wrongful arrest"

Photo provided by Aaron Glazer


Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - A UB student is serving a notice of claim to Erie County and the two Erie County Sheriff's Deputies who injured and arrested him prior to a Bills game in December of last year. 

The student, 25 year old Nicholas Belsito, was charged with obstructing justice and disorderly conduct after inquiring about a friend who had been arrested during a pre-game tailgate. Those charges were later dropped after video recorded on an Erie County Sheriff Deputy's body camera showed Belsito being slammed and bloodied by another deputy.

"In the tape I see a clearly wrongful arrest followed by a beating," said Aaron Glazer, the attorney representing Belsito. "A kid was subjected to a night in jail and then charged with a variety of criminal offenses that were totally erroneous."

The Charges against Belsito were formally dropped in the summer of 2018. Could there be more charges related to the incident?

"That video now will be looked at thoroughly," said Erie County District Attorney John Flynn, who said on Monday he had not yet viewed the video himself. "We dismissed the charge right away, but now I'm looking at whether or not that officer has made a false statement on a report."

"He sustained a concussion along with some facial fractures, and there's been ongoing treatment," Glazer said. "Once we take some testimony from the various parties involved in this case and once we see how Mr. Belsito's injuries develop or don't, then we'll be in a better position to make a demand at the county."

Now Belsito is seeking monetary and punitive damages. 

Glazer would not say how much they are looking for, but did tell WBEN there is a starting point based on the money already spent because of the incident.

"Between travel and lodging to and from Buffalo and Cornwall, New York (Belsito's hometown), legal fees, out of pocket medical costs, it's approximately $25,000."


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