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Two Tonawanda Paramedics Suspended for Allegedly Stealing Prescription Drugs

DA John Flynn clarifies misinformation about the case

March 26, 2019 - 1:32 pm

TONAWANDA (WBEN - Brendan Keany) - Two Tonawanda paramedics have been suspended with pay after being accused of stealing prescription drugs from a drug dropbox inside the police station.

Joe Emminger is the Town of Tonawanda supervisor, and on Twitterm he chimed in as to why they were suspended with pay.

"For clarification: the individuals are suspended with pay till their hearing on Thursday when further discipline action will take place," he said. "That’s the most the Town could impose until the hearing occurs."

Contrary to many of the reports circulating, Erie County District Attorney John Flynn says only one paramedic, Jeremy Pecoraro, has been arrested, while the second individual is still under investigation.

"The information that was issued by the Town of Tonawanda was inaccurate in the sense that only one individual, Mr. Pecoraro, was arrested," said Flynn. "The second individual has not been arrested yet."

Reports indicate that police believe the two men stole the drugs to support their own opioid addictions.

"It's a very powerful disease here, and individuals are addicted to these drugs, and sometimes will do whatever they can to get their hands on these drugs," Flynn began. "I'm not specifically saying what these individuals' problems may or may not have been, but in general, this is a serious problem and we need to have procedures in place in the towns and villages across Erie County to monitor and to control who is coming in and coming out of the rooms where these boxes are located."

As of now, it's up to individual towns and municipalities to create their own procedures, but when asked if Flynn would prefer a more uniform protocol across the county, Flynn didn't rule it out of the question.

"It's something that I'm definitely open to looking at," said Flynn. "As the Erie County DA, I don't want to dictate to town police departments how to handle their own materials, but if I have to, and there are procedures in place that are not working across Erie County, then that's something I'll definitely look into."

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