Two Shot, Shooter Dead at Maryland High School

Shooter declared dead after resource officer fired at him

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(AP) - A sheriff's spokeswoman says two people have been injured, and the shooter has died in a shooting at a high school in southern Maryland.

A sheriff says the shooter at a Maryland high school has died after a school resource officer fired at him.

St. Mary's County Tim Cameron told a news conference Tuesday morning that the shooter and the officer both fired a round and it wasn't known if the officer's bullet killed the suspect.

Cameron says a female student and a male student were also wounded in the shooting in a hallway at Great Mills High School in southern Maryland. The extent of their injuries is unknown.

The principal at the high school told parents last month that the school had investigated threats of a possible shooting and found they were "not substantiated."

Jake Heibel told parents that school officials interviewed two students in February who were overheard mentioning a school shooting and found that they posed no threat. His letter was posted on the local news site The Bay Net.

But Heibel said the school still increased its security after social media posts about a possible school shooting "circulated quite extensively."

St. Mary's County Sheriff's spokeswoman Cpl. Julie Yingling says three people, including the shooter, were injured in Tuesday's shooting.

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