Two Rallies Today

Pro and Anti Trump in Buffalo

July 21, 2019 - 7:32 am

(WBEN) Two rallies scheduled for Buffalo this afternoon. One in support of Preisdent Trump while the other a short distance away in response to his comments aimed at four Democratic congresswomen.

The rally, called "Impeach Trump Rally 2", was created by "Nate McMurray for Congress" and will happen at 1 p.m. along Bidwell Parkway near Elmwood Avenue

The counter protest, will take place at Bidwell Parkway at Colonial Circle and Richmond Avenue about a half mile away according to Russ Thompson:

We're not going to be out there to cause fights or get into any kind of violence," McMurray said. "We are out there to peacefully say we believe in the laws of this country and we're going to abide by the laws of this country."

"We don't have any violence at any of our rallies, whatsoever," Thompson said. "Never have. Never will. We've never had any arrests. We've never blocked any streets. We've never sat down in the middle of the road. And we've always cleaned up the area after we're done."

Buffalo Police will have a presence at both locations


Congressman Brian Higgins released a statement Sunday afternoon regarding the protest against the Trump administration.

“I commend the Western New Yorkers who rally peacefully protesting the atrocities of the Trump Administration. People across this community and country are yearning to return dignity and honesty to the office of the Presidency. 

“I join them in anger and utter frustration over a President that has repeatedly proven to be callous, chaotic and corrupt.  We know this to be true because we are subjected to his daily tirades; because it is demonstrated in the Special Counsel’s report listing at least 10 instances of obstruction of justice; and because Trump’s closest allies, including his former national security advisor, campaign chairman, deputy campaign advisor and longtime attorney and fixer, have all pled guilty to crimes and are serving time in prison.

“America deserves better. 

“And that’s why, over a month ago I called for an impeachment inquiry to begin and I have also, on multiple occasions, as far back as last year and including as recently as last week, voted to allow impeachment proceedings to advance in the House.  As the public voice builds for impeachment, the number of Congressional leaders joining us in supporting action to move forward also grows.

“We are eager to see the House’s investigative committees hear Special Counsel Mueller’s testimony this week and for the House to finish the work that Mueller and his team left for Congress to do.”

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