Two Dead After Lockport Industrial Accident

Slabs of Corian collapse at XPO Logistics

3 Injured in Niagara County

Lockport, NY (WBEN) - Two men are dead following an industrial accident in Lockport. 

The accident occurred at XPO Logistics on IDA Park Drive in the Town of Lockport at around 1:30 Monday morning.

The Niagara County Sheriff's Department says that the two employees were trapped under fallen slabs of Corian and were deceased by the time police and fire showed up at the scene. 

"We received a 911 call from XPO Logistics", said Niagara County Sheriff Captain Michael Dunn. "We dispatched patrols, as well as the Fire Department and EMS, but the men were pronounced dead at the scene".

Police say that 11 slabs of Corain were being unloaded off a trailer when they collapsed on the workers.

"It's our understanding that each slab of Corian weighs 800 pounds.  With 11 slabs, that's a considerable amount of weight" added Captain Dunn.

Asked if any other employees witnessed the accident, Dunn said there were a handful of workers at the location, but no one witnessed the event. 

The workers' names have been released: Christopher J. Klosin, 38, of Barker, and Roger A. Mangine, 62, of Newfane. 


“We’re saddened to report that a tragic accident occurred this morning at our facility in Lockport, NY that resulted in the death of two of our colleagues. We’re working with our safety team and local law enforcement to understand the circumstances under which this tragedy occurred. Our deepest sympathies are with their families and our Lockport team members.”

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