Train Derailment at Main Near Jewett Parkway

Preliminary investigation shows freight car struck overpass

Tom Puckett
September 13, 2017 - 1:22 pm

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) No one was hurt and there was no hazard to nearby residents after a train derailed at Main near Greenfield Wednesday morning.

"A cargo train appears to have struck the overpass on Main Street," says Buffalo Police Lt. Jeff Rinaldo. "It appears the containers may be full, some sort of storage container. A fair majority of the train that is long in distance made it under the track, so without a full inspection it appears a section was too tall for the height of the overpass."

Rinaldo says no one was hurt and theere is no hazard to those nearby. "We currently have our city engineers doing a physical inspection of the bridge and the roadway as well as Buffalo Fire to supervise the cleanup, and we have contacted CSX to help with the investigation from the collision point of view with the train," says Rinaldo.

There will be traffic restrictions this afternoon. Main St. is open but lanes will be reduced to allow the inspection and investigation to continue.

People nearby heard a boom when the train hit the overpass. Deanna Ogreczek says she was cleaning out her closest when she heard it and her house shook. "I knew immediately it either derailed or it hit the bridge. My first thought was it derailed on the curb. I went out as fast as I could to see and fumes coming up. Nothing, so I came back out and when I saw it was a double decker, it hit the bridge," says Ogreczek. She says the trains run through daily. "It was so loud and so unusual for the normal noise I knew right away something was wrong."

The train was from Canadian Pacific.

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