Town of Amherst Launches Opioid Lawsuit

Hires NYC Law Firm to Recover Costs Associated with Epidemic

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Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - Just like Erie County, the town of Amherst is suing big Pharma.

Town Supervisor Brian Kulpa says while Erie County is pursuing recovery of damages for the county, Western New York's largest town has seen a tremendous financial investment in the issue.  "It's time for us to get serious and go after replenishment of those funds".

Kulpa said he doesn't have an exact number, but says it's substantial. The town has seen increased costs for police services such as dispatch, patrol and narcotics.  There are additional costs for attorneys and courts.

And Kulpa adds, "this is not something the town brought".  He calls it, "A largely avoidable epidemic". 

The town has taken the first step in hiring a New York City based law firm, Napoli Shkolnik, to go after pharaceutical firms and distributors. 

The Amherst lawsuit is contingent and has no unfront costs to taxpayers.

Pharmaceutical firms are aware of concerns about their products.  They claim the drugs come with warning labels which cite the potential for addiction. 

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