Too Soon to Enter NY27?

David Levinthal: declaring candidacy now is a double-edged sword

Tom Puckett
May 21, 2019 - 4:00 am

Brendan Keany


Buffalo, NY (WBEN) With Chris Jacobs entering the race for NY27 about a year ahead of a primary, is it too soon to throw a hat into the ring?

It's no surprise to Dave Levinthal of the Center for Public Integrity. "The situation in 2018 with Democrat Nate McMurray getting as close as he did to beating Chris Collins introduced the realm of possibliity of a big score for Democrats," says Levinthal. "The notion there's going to be a big competitive rush, and a whole lot of attention and money going in is not surprising."

Levinthal says an entry this early is a double-edged sword. "If you get in too early, there's the possiblity you could flame out as a candidate. On the other hand, if you get in too late, it gives your opponents that much more opporunity to raise more money," explains Levinthal. "At the very least, it will be a competitive seat."

Speaking of money, Levinthal says expect a lesson learned from the McMurray showdown to apply in 2020. "This is something Democrats are kicking themselves over. In 2018, there was no national money toward Nate McMurray. Had there been a push, like from a superPAC, these groups that can raise and spend unlimited amounts or the national Democratic party, you could have been looking at flipping NY 27 to the Democrats instead of the Republicans. Democrats have learned their lesson and they're not going to make the same mistake if this becomes a compeititve race," says Levinthal.

Levinthal notes it may be some time before a Democrat officially declares in NY27.

Rep. Chris Collins begins to lay the groundwork for a potential re-election bid

Congressman Collins sent s fundraising email to supporters Tuesday morning, that indicated his intent to run for a 5th term, while at the same time, attacking Republican challenger State Senator Chris Jacobs.

"With the radical Left laser-focused on resistance and obstruction," Collins said, "President Trump needs allies in Congress now more than ever."

Collins, who remains under federal indictment for insider trading charges, continued by saying, "Chris Jacobs may act like he’s that type of ally – but in reality, he’s a Never-Trumper who will say and do anything to get elected to his next office."

The email ends by asking supporters to consider contributing $50, $100, $250 or more to stop Never-Trumpers like Jacobs from getting elected to Congress.

Friend – 

After I became the first Member of Congress to endorse President Trump in 2016, the mainstream media and radical Left did everything in their power to defeat me.

But no matter what challenges I faced politically - my support for President Trump never wavered.

I stood with President Trump through it all because I knew he was the only candidate in the race with the agenda to get our nation back on track. 

And in 2018, against all odds, voters of the 27th District chose to keep President Trump’s top ally in Washington when they elected me back to Congress.

With the radical Left laser-focused on resistance and obstruction, President Trump needs allies in Congress now more than ever.

Chris Jacobs may act like he’s that type of ally – but in reality, he’s a Never-Trumper who will say and do anything to get elected to his next office. 

We may not know who Jacobs voted for in 2016, but we do know he refused to support President Trump in 2016 when he was running for office in a Democrat district.

President Trump deserves a real ally in the House who will fight alongside him through it all – not just when it makes sense politically. 

If you stand with me, consider contributing $50, $100, $250, or more today to stop Never-Trumpers like Chris Jacobs from getting elected to Congress.

Together, we will ensure President Trump always has an ally in Congress who is ready to fight back against the radical Left and deliver real results for the American people.

Thanks for your support.



Dave Levinthal is not surprised to see Collins taking this step.  "You have to assume he's running.  If he bow's out, that's another story. But in the meantime, he has to fundraise and lay the groundwork, especially if there's going to be a competitive primary and general election. 

Levinthal says the game begins now. "There's a permanent congressional election just like there's a permanent presidential election in competitive districts.


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