Tom Bauerle recovering from heart surgery

Urges people not to ignore signs of heart attack

Tim Wenger
December 10, 2017 - 9:07 am

Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - To say WBEN talk host Tom Bauerle is not your average open heart surgery patient may be an understatement.  Less than an hour before surgery at Gates Vascular Institute in Buffalo Bauerle was LIVE on Facebook communicating with his faithful Facebook followers with his last minute thoughts before "going under".  And in the days leading up to his Friday surgery, Bauerle could be seen sitting on the edge of his hospital bed with a guitar in hand.

Bauerle underwent a quadruple bypass procedure Friday in an open heart surgery that lasted just under four hours.  The surgery, according to Bauerle, was a success and now the recovery and healing process is underway. Those who know and have undergone open heart surgery will tell you the recovery and healing from the invasive procedure is the worst and most painful part of the process.

Bauerle became hospitalized last Sunday, December 3rd after experiencing multiple telltale symptoms for days leading up to his admission.  Tom says Friday during his show, he was experiencing chest pain and even "clutched" his chest on occasion.  Cohost David Bellavia told Bauerle he should seek medical attention when detecting Tom's pain and apparent shortness of breath.

Tom says the symptoms continued Saturday and at the urging of his fiance went to an urgent care facility.  The attending staff at the urgent care facility urged Tom to go to a hospital and Tom decided to return home and rest.  On Sunday, Tom called his fiance and said he need to "get to the hospital" because he thought he was having a heart attack.

Following immediate admission to Gates Vascular Institute, Bauerle was worked up for cardiac care and underwent multiple tests.  Late Sunday and Monday it was beginning to become clear that Bauerle would need open heart surgery and as many as four bypass procedures.  They surgery began Friday morning at 9am and surgeons at Gates were "closing" Tom's incision by around 12n.

In videos he's been posting on Facebook throughout the week and even following his surgery, Bauerle has been urging everyone not to ignore the signs of cardiac issues and heart attack.

Bauerle will continue to recover at Gates this week before a more extensive period of recovery and therapy from his home.

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