Tim Kennedy Believes Courts Will Uphold Green Light Law

Mickey Kearns filed lawsuit last week

July 15, 2019 - 10:40 pm

BUFFALO (WBEN - Brendan Keany) - Last week, Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns filed a lawsuit against Governor Cuomo and DMV Commissioner Mark Schroeder over the Green Light Law, which would provide driver's licenses to illegal immigrants.

"The Green Light Law conflicts with federal immigration law, thereby violating the United States Constitution," said Kearns, as he's seeking an injunction to prevent the state from enacting the law.

He then provided some reasoning as to why, other than being against the Constitution, he believes this is a bad piece of legislation.

"Basically when you come in to get your enhanced license or REAL ID, I'm going to ask you for a social security card," Kearns began. "Under this law, people who are here illegally wouldn't have to provide a social security card, so there's a lower standard for people who are here illegally, and I just don't think it's fair. We're going to let the courts make this decision and hopefully we're going to get a favorable ruling.""

Listen to the entire conversation with Kearns below:

However, State Senator Tim Kennedy is a supporter of the legislation, saying that it would ultimately make for a safer environment for everyone on the roads.

"They're driving to and from work, to and from school - they're a part of the community as it exists today, but they don't have driver's licenses in the State of new York like they did in years past," said Kennedy. "There are 12 other states in the country that have this law in place, so it's simply keeping New York State on the level with those other states but at the same time ensuring that our roads are safe, that people who are behind the wheel have the proper licenses and training to do so and insurance to back up their vehicles if they do in fact get into a car accident. So, it keeps everyone safe, and it levels the playing field as far as insurance rates and payments go."

And Kennedy expects that the courts will leave the law as is.

"Green Light passed in the senate, it passed in the assembly, it's been signed into law by the governor, so it's the law in the State of New York," said Kennedy. "We expect that folks will follow that law. It's being challenged in court, and we expect that it will be proved through the court process and move on."

Listen to the entire conversation with Kennedy below:

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