Mother Nature puts on a late night light show

Torrential rain, hail and extreme winds cross WNY

WBEN Newsroom
June 03, 2020 - 6:23 am
Hail by the handful

Hail by the handful in Riverside/@LogicalpartyUS


Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - It was hail by the handful, rain by the bucket and waves of wind across Buffalo and Western New York Tuesday night as a line of storms slammed the region.

The National Weather Service was tracking the storms with impressive lightning as they made their way from north to south across the Buffalo metro, awakening residents with unending claps of thunder and the sounds of sheets of rain and pelting hail.

Area storm drains were overwhelmed with the quick downpours and many became flooded, causing streets and intersections to flood.  One particular trouble spot in Buffalo is at Niagara and Military where the underpass was blocked.

"The lightning was absolutely incredible as those storms moved in," said National Weather Service meteorologist John Hitchcock, who was tracking the line of storms.  "It was probably the most incredible lightning show I've seen in the last ten years," adds Hitchcock.

"We had a lot of reports of inch and a half diameter hail, which is the size of a ping pong ball," said Hitchcock.

Extreme winds were problematic as well, leaving power lines down and tree damage across the region.

About 1.5 inches of rain fell across the region during the storms according to Hitchcock and he tells us they received about a half dozen reports of downed trees in Buffalo as a result of the storms.

The Town of Tonawanda has had to temporarily close its boat launch at the foot of Sheridan Drive due to downed trees and branches near the docking area. Officials hope to reopen the boat launch by this weekend.


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