Three of Four Buffalo Firefighters Released After Butler Fire

Fire believed to be electrical in nature

Tom Puckett
January 11, 2019 - 4:49 pm

Buffalo, NY (WBEN)  Three of four Buffalo firefighters hospitalized after battling a blaze on Butler Avenue have been released. The fourth is in stable condition.

The blaze broke out Thursday evening on Butler. Fire Commissioner Bill Renaldo says three people who lived there got out before crews arrived. 

Fire Commissioner Bill Renaldo says firefighters initiated the "mayday" call to expedite the location and extraction of the injured firefighters. "They followed all the protocols and standard operating procedures. We do drills all the time on these emergency situations. The crews handled it professionally, they got the firefighter out and saved his life," says Renaldo. "Our most seriously injured firefighter was on one of the attack lines. He got separated from the line, got disoriented, and got done to the prone position, exercised shallow breathing to extend his air supply until help arrived."

Renaldo says the burns firefighters suffered were steam burns. "In most fires, when you put water on the fire, it creates a water vapor and superheated steam. The steam can permeate our protective gear," explains Renaldo. 

The remaining hospitalized firefighters has 3rd degree burns to parts of his body.


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