Terry and Kim Pegula convey support for Sabres coach Phil Housley

Pegulas Talk Stadium, Sabres Coach, and More

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Phoenix, AZ (WBEN) - Buffalo Bills and Sabres owners Terry and Kim Pegula conveyed support for the Sabres Head Coach Phil Housley as they spoke with reporters at the NFL owners meetings in Phoenix, Arizona.  

Strangely, as the questions came at them on the status of Housley with the Sabres, the team was giving up goals in Ottawa where they fell in a 4-0 shutout.

"He's a young coach, he was a great player, I think he can grow as a coach," Terry Pegula said when pressed about the future status of Housley. Acknowledging a lackluster season that didn't meet expectations, Pegula said, "something has to change, we don't know what."

Pegula stated that consistency is a key ingredient in successful sports franchises and teams, referencing the legendary achievements of the New England Patriots under the leadership of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.


Both Pegulas spoke about the ongoing study being completed to determine the next steps for renovations at the current sports facilities or construction of a new stadium.  The private study that is underway is in its early stages and will not be complete until sometime during the summer. 

"We're open to any option," said Terry Pegula when asked about what he prefers in a new or renovated stadium.  But he did say he thinks any new stadium should be a scaled down version of what is being built in other NFL cities. 

"I think the answer is probably a scaled down version of some of these palaces that are being built around the country," Terry Pegula said. "You know the thing Stan (Kroenke) is building in L.A. is amazing. Jerry Jones' facility in Dallas, so you know we need to do something that's Buffalo-style."


On the subject of leadership changes made in the past several weeks at Pegula Sports, Terry Pegula indicated those decisions were ultimately handled by Kim Pegula and he was consulted. 

Kim Pegula told reporters she didn't feel there was an internal cultural problem within PSE but rather that it just was a matter of time for the Pegula's to determine how they wanted the organization to look and operate. "It takes a while to understand the organization," Kim Pegula said. "It was time," she added.

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