Term Limits In New York State?

Elected Officials Discuss

Matt Moran
June 18, 2018 - 5:00 am

ALBANY, N.Y. (WBEN) - There has been a lot of discussion about term limits for New York State elected officials. Currently in both houses there are bills to make Legislator terms 12 years and Governor terms 8 years.

Assemblyman Ray Walter is a co-sponsor of one of those bills. He says a broken New York State Government needs fixing. 

"With the way that this state has functioned over the last couple of decades," Assemblyman Walter said. "I think term limits are necessary and should be implemented."

Assemblyman Sean Ryan says he's seen natural turnover in the assemlby and would hate to see good standing officials be forced out of office. He also referenced how term limits have been implemented in states like Florida and lobbyists took control.

"We sometimes kid ourselves into thinking that if we made this one change it would become a perfect system," Assemblyman Ryan said. "But we've seen term limits on the state level and the local level and none of them have backed up this promise of making democracy a perfect system."

Despite seeking a third term, Governor Andrew Cuomo has supported a bill to create term limits. To amend the New York State Constitution with terms limits. It would have to be put before voters in a general election.





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