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Taylor declines to talk about future

December 07, 2016 - 5:55 pm

By Sal Capaccio

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Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor wasn’t interested in addressing his future in Buffalo Wednesday, no matter how many times or ways he was asked about it.

Taylor continually declined to answer questions about the looming contract decision the organization has to make, as well as any questions dealing with his play to this point or what might happen beyond Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

At the podium for close to ten-minutes, Taylor’s media session with local reporters got a bit contentious at times and when it was finally over, the team’s starting QB said “I’m done talking” as he walked back towards the locker room.

Taylor and the Bills agreed to an option to pick up a new 5-year contract that will pay him a total of $90 million.  However, the team has until March to decide if they want to pick up or decline the option.  If they don’t, the QB will become an unrestricted free agent.

Here is the complete transcript of Taylor’s media day press conference.  I’ve highlighted the questions and answers relating to Taylor’s contractual situation and overall performance.

Q: Can you explain how important LeSean McCoy is for your offense?

A: Shady’s been making tremendous plays game-in and game-out as far as finding running lanes, making guys miss and even catching the ball out of the backfield. He’s definitely been one of our go-to guys. Definitely our playmaker for our offense.

Q: I know Robert Woods was limited today. Can you just maybe explain the process of getting the timing back? You had a good connection before the injury. What’s the process of getting that back like?

A: I don’t think that we’ll lose timing, it’s more so just him getting back out there and getting back in gam-ready condition. He looked well today in practice, he told me yesterday he ran routes for the first time since injuring his knee, that he felt good. It’s more so just a trust factor of him going out there and playing freely. I had that injury and I understand the difficulty of it as far as coming back but as long as he goes out there and plays free, he’ll find the right window to get open to and I’ll get him the ball.

Q: Rex mentioned this week that you haven’t had your top four or five receivers for most of the season. How tough has that been?

A: It’s been a battle but like I’ve said, guys have worked through it. We haven’t complained once, we’ve just tried to find ways to win each and every week. Injuries happen in this league and it’s unfortunate and we’ve dealt with it and have to continue to keep pressing forward.

Q: How does that affect how you practice?

A: Just getting reps with different people. For a couple of weeks it’s definitely having different guys in, different guys out but like I said, to our offensive scheme and as far as what we want to get out there and do on Sundays, that stays the same. It’s just about getting the right players and guys that we feel can make plays in those positions out there on the field.

Q: You’re playing a team this week that likes to go for the two-point conversions in unconventional ways. You guys are four-for-four in those situations, though you’ve only gone for it when you had to do it. Would you like to maybe take some chances early in the game just to go after it and see where that takes you?

A: You definitely have to be smart when going for the two-point conversion. If there’s snow coming in, as far as the weather you never know as far as kicking conditions if that’s a reason to go for a two-point conversion but we’ll see and we’ll deal with that when it happens.

Q: I’m not sure if you’ve been aware of it or not, but you’ve been under some heat from fans and members of the media this past week. Do you have any thoughts on that as far as your performance against Oakland?

A: Nope. I don’t have Instagram on my phone, Twitter, I don’t watch TV so I don’t see it. Don’t hear it. Continue to keep pounding away. We’re still in it the last time I checked.

Q: Do you feel that time is running out on you to show the Bills that you should have your option picked up last year?

A: We’re still in it.

Q: It’s all about wins and losses.

A: For sure. In this league you get judged for wins and losses and we still have a chance to get to where we set our goal, (which) was to get to the playoffs at the beginning of the year. We still have a realistic chance of getting there so whatever it takes to get there, that’s what I’m on board for.

Q: Long-term concerns…

A: This week fellas, this week. We’re talking about this week.

Q: The fact that you’re 6-6 and 14-12 in your career, is that enough…

A: This week. That’s all that matters. We’re not talking about contracts. This week.

Q: After Sunday’s loss, you were asked about the game and in most cases you were one-word, two-words in your answers. Now you’ve seen the film and studied that. Can you explain from your standpoint where you think it went wrong for you?

A: Definitely left some plays out there on the field. Could’ve been some better balls thrown, we could’ve made some plays in the air. It was definitely a collective effort. It wasn’t good enough. There’s no finger pointing and we just have to learn from it and I think we did, watching that film and breaking it down and talking about it man-to-man throughout the offense, where we could get better at and I think we definitely have the right mindset moving forward.

Q: Those of us who have been critical would point out that a quarterback should stand up there and say it’s on me too as much as it’s on anyone else. The fact that you didn’t do that brought you some heat in that respect. Is that fair in your mind? Is that maybe something you’ve thought about…

A: I’ve taking everything that you all stood up here and asked me right on the chest. It doesn’t affect me emotionally or physically. I take it every week so whatever you all want to blame, I’ll take that. Like I said, my job is to get the team in a position where we could win on Sundays. And can I get better? Yes, but it doesn’t just take me. It’s a collective effort right down the field each and every Sunday.

Q: Were you frustrated in this game, you came on eight-of-nine and passing heavy in the first quarter. I know you ran the ball great this game but you, as a quarterback, do you wish you would’ve kept with that passing game given the start you had? It seemed like once the first quarter was done you just relied on the run and you maybe fell out of rhythm. Were you frustrated with the play-calling and game-planning as the game progressed?

A: No. Coach (Anthony) Lynn (offensive coordinator) had a great plan going into that game and we did a bad job of executing it down the stretch. Our plan early on was to do some of the things that we did. We started running the ball well, Shady got going so we just tried to find a balance. And like I said, it was just more of a lack of execution from me and from the rest of the guys down the stretch. I really think that’s what hurt us.

Q: What is the prospect of having Sammy Watkins, Robert Woods and Marquise Goodwin on the field together for the first time in months? How much do you look forward to that if it happens?

A: I’m excited to have those guys on the field healthy and playing. Those guys are ready to go out there and make plays, you could just tell by the way they were bouncing around today in practice. Guys realize what’s at stake, the type of attention to detail that we need for the next four weeks but it starts with this week and it starts with next practice. Learn from the stuff that we learned today and just continue to keep pounding forward and paying attention, like I said, to detail.

Q: Mike Tomlin talked about the relationship with you and your family and your dad a little bit today on our conference call. Can you speak to that a little bit?

A: Coach Tomlin has been a great friend of the family, been a great mentor to me since I was young. My dad actually grew up with Coach Tomlin’s brother, Ed Tomlin, and it’s kind of a 757 thing, just the feeling that you get when you’re around people from back home but I mean he’s done a tremendous job as far as his coaching career has gone in the National Football League. Like I said, just a great dude overall and thankful for the way he’s mentored me throughout my time.

Q: Given the injuries you’ve had at receiver, do you think it’s unfair to critique or judge the performance of this offense and yourself?

A: Critics are going to critique. It’s in their job title.

Q: So you don’t think that it’s unfair then?

A: I mean, whether it’s unfair or not it’s going to happen. Just have to deal with it, ignore it, continue to keep playing football. I don’t let those things affect me though. Like I said, whether I think it’s fair or not it’s going to happen.

Q: You’ve been limited because you have limited guys to work with.

A: Like I said, I’ve never complained, we’ve never complained as a team. We’ve found a way to put ourselves in the position we are right now, which is a realistic goal of the playoffs, playing important football in December. After the year we can talk about injuries and all that but right now, it’s on the Pittsburgh Steelers and what it takes to win this week.

Q: Why do you shy away from talking about your future in Buffalo? 

A: Because my future in Buffalo is this week and against the Pittsburgh Steelers. That’s what matters the most. I don’t feel like talking about my contract right now. We still have games to play.

Q: Coming from the Ravens, you’ve seen this team a lot. Is their blueprint on defense the same or have they changed a lot over the years?

A: They’ve changed some things around over the years. Personnel has definitely changed but it’s still a very tough, physical group. Going against this bunch, you definitely have to bring your hard hat I would say. And they play very good football on the road and at home, so just have to be prepared for a disciplined group and go out there and make plays.

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