Tax Filing Season Begins Today

The Tax Lady recommends holding off until you have all your documents

Tom Puckett
January 29, 2018 - 4:00 am

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Monday marks the start of tax filing season. Should you go it alone? What do you need before you file?

Esther Gulyas of EG Tax says be sure you have everything in place before you start. "Make sure you have your W-2s, all your 1099-Rs, your bank statements, your income sorted out. If you got NYS unemployment, they don't mail the information out unless you download it or ask for it to be mailed," says Gulyas. Gulyas warns if you do it too early, your return could get held up. "They will hold it up processing because they have more information than you do and that can hold up your refund so make sure you have all the correct information before you file," she advises.

Even if you file yourself, it can't hurt to have a second set of eyes. "I just did a tax return for a gentleman who did it himself and got a $213 refund, but forgot the earned income credit so when I got done, he got an $1,100 refund. Even if it's a simple return, have someone look over it.,"suggests Gulyas. "Have a professional go over it and double check to make sure you take advantage of all the credits coming your way." Gulyas says answering questions correctly is key to get those deductions.

She says be ready for next year's filing as there will be sweeping reforms. 

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