Taste of Buffalo Restaurant is Back in Business

Eddie Ryan's Pub has a backup plan


Lancaster, N.Y. (WBEN) - A Taste of Buffalo restaurant is back in business.  The owner of Eddie Ryan's Irish Pub was thrown a monkey wrench two days before the Taste.  The grills behind his Lancaster restaurant were stolen.

Ed Church told WBEN Friday morning that he has a backup plan.  "We have secured a grill that we are able to rent from Niagara Falls".

Church has filed a police report and he even checked out local scrap metal places to see if they were turned in. 

He is overwhelmed at the response he has received, "So many people reached out and were offering ways to help or ideas", said Church.   He is still hoping to get the grills back and said he would not press charges if they are returned.

The grills are one of a kind with special cast iron plates that are used to make reuben and pot roast sandwiches that he'll be serving at this weekend's Taste of Buffalo.

Hear the interview with Ed Church from Eddie Ryan's Pub here:



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