Tall Ships Coming to Canalside 4th of July

Parade of Sail followed by tours the following day

Tom Puckett
June 17, 2019 - 4:00 am

Tall Ships (Photo via Tall Ships America)


Buffalo, NY (WBEN) For the first time, Buffalo will host a parade of tall ships this Fourth of July. The following day, you'll get a chance to tour those ships.

"If anyone's seen one of these festivals, it's a bright enjoyment of your life," says Mike Vogel of the Buffalo Lighthouse Association. "We're welcoming a fleet of 12 tall ships, and we'll have them docking at Canalside along Erie Street Docks."

Vogel says in the afternoon, a formal Parade of Sails will head down Outer Harbor. "We'll have ships under full sail, we'll disperse them off the 1833 Lighthouse with a series of hand salutes, then send them to their docking areas at Canalside, and the following morning we'll open them up for tours," explains Vogel.

Vogel says you can buy a passport to tour as many of the ships as you wish on July 5th. "It's basically a day pass. You choose the day, and once aboard, you can talk to crew and captains, take a look around the vessels and enjoy the maritime experience," says Vogel. Passports are $20 each, with military and children's discounts. 

Vogel says Tall Ships America has been trying to recruit Buffalo for years. "It was not difficult to land it, but it's difficult to organize it and pull it off. There are federal regulations for security, and logistics and provisioning so it's a massive undertaking," sasy Vogel.


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