Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg headed to Buffalo

The Supreme Court Justice will visit UB today after radiation treatment

Brendan Keany
August 26, 2019 - 4:03 am



BUFFALO (WBEN)- Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will visit the University at Buffalo today.

Politically active students at UB excited for Ginsburg

Ginsburg will speak and teach students at the UB School of Law throughout the day, while also participating in an evening event at Kleinhans Music Hall. 

The 86-year old Justice will make an apperance despite recovering from recent radiation treatment on a pancreatic tumor. 

Former New York State Supreme Court Justice Penny Wolfgang will be in attendance to support who she describes as an influential figure for woman, and all people working in law. 

"She is the iconic role model for all of us in the legal profession," Wolfgang said. "For how we would conduct ourselves, how woman not only make a mark, but create a tradition in the legal community and law itself." 

Dennis Vacco, a local attorney and UB Law alma mater believes it is a great honor for the school to host the Justice. 

"I'm so proud that my alma matter was able to land a Supreme Court Justice with the career and background that Justice Gingsburg brings to the table," Vacco said. "Not only is this a great feather in the cap for the University at Buffalo Law School, but it also says a lot about the Buffalo legal community and the broader community in Buffalo." 

Vacco remembers a very active Ginsburg on the bench during the high-profile physician-assisted suicide case.   

"She was very active on the bench and she was very engaged in the issue," Vacco said. " She asked plenty of questions to both me and my opponent and by virtue of some of the questions she asked, it helped frame the outcome of the decision." 


Tickets for both events involving Justice Ginsburg at UB are sold out.


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