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Supporters and detractors of Trump's will protest this weekend in Buffalo

Protest scheduled for Sunday on Bidwell Parkway

July 17, 2019 - 8:51 am

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) - Anti-Trump and Pro-Trump protesters will demonstrate this weekend in the City of Buffalo.

The rally, called "Impeach Trump Rally 2", was created by "Nate McMurray for Congress" and will happen on Sunday at 1 p.m. along Bidwell Parkway near Elmwood Avenue. The counter protest, will take place at Bidwell Parkway at Colonial Circle and Richmond Avenue about a half mile away.

McMurray joined WBEN on Tuesday to highlight the rally and said that it's being held in response to the Mueller Report, with anti-Trump demonstrators calling for President Trump's impeachment.


"I think anyone who has read the Mueller report with an objective and open mind comes away with the same impression," McMurray told Tom Bauerle. "This is a person who does not respect the law. This is someone we need to hold accountable. I think that is the request made by Mueller. Look at the facts and take action."

Supporters of Trump's will also rally on Sunday near the same spot.

"All we're going to do is line the streets with Trump signs and American flags, banners, whatever you've got," Rus Thompson told Bauerle. "Bring them out and show support for the president. That's all we're going to do."

Tensions are high between democrats and republicans and were only exacerbated last weekend when President Trump made his controversial Twitter comments about four freshman democratic congresswomen. Both McMurray and Thompson insist that the protests will be peaceful.

"We're not going to be out there to cause fights or get into any kind of violence," McMurray said. "We are out there to peacefully say we believe in the laws of this country and we're going to abide by the laws of this country."

"We don't have any violence at any of our rallies, whatsoever," Thompson said. "Never have. Never will. We've never had any arrests. We've never blocked any streets. We've never sat down in the middle of the road. And we've always cleaned up the area after we're done."

Buffalo Police will have a presence at both locations.

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