Mike Baggerman

Still Waiting for Verdict in Corey Krug Case

Seventh day of deliberation sees change in jury

February 25, 2019 - 1:22 pm

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) - A seventh day of deliberations in the criminal trial of Corey Krug continues and no verdict was reached by Monday afternoon.

Krug, an 18-year-veteran of Buffalo Police, was charged in a four-count indictment of civil rights violations stemming from multiple incidents over the last nine years. The most recent incident came back in 2014, when he was caught by a Channel 7 photographer striking a man on Chippewa Street with his nightstick multiple times while that person was on the ground.

Originally, the jury consisted of 12 people, though one of the jurors was excused from the deliberations because of wisdom teeth removal. The earliest she could come back is March 1. Prosecutors wanted the jurors to continue with only 11 people and cited a case from the 1980’s as precedent. Defense attorneys asked for the alternative juror to join deliberations, which would have forced the deliberations to begin anew.

Ultimately, the judge sided with the prosecution because of the currently length of deliberations.

If convicted, Krug faces a maximum sentence of ten years. 

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