Star Wars: The Last Jedi Opens Tonight

You can still find some tickets for this weekend...seriously

Richard Root
December 14, 2017 - 6:27 am
Luke Skywalker

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Amherst, NY (WBEN) - Well, Star Wars fans, the time has come.  The Last Jedi opens tonight across the country.  Do you have your tickets?

This isn't like the release of The Force Awakens, which actually happened four days later than The Last Jedi in 2015.  

You couldn't find tickets to a showing normal people would go to for weeks.  I mean, who sees a movie at midnight or one in the morning?  On a Tuesday?

Fortunately I was able to grab four tickets to *ahem* my cinema for the time and day I wanted.  Same the next year with Rogue One, and, yes sir, I have my choice of day and time and seats for The Last Jedi.

However, I guess I'm a geek for Star Wars.  I buy my tickets early - really early.  Like, I bought my The Last Jedi tickets in September.

If you didn't buy your tickets early, you're could be in luck.  I scanned around the ticket sites this morning and, while you'll have to put some effort into it, you can get tickets to showings that don't require you to take time off of work to do it.

I will say there are more available for Friday afternoon before 7 p.m. than any other time.

Without mentioning specific cinemas, I will say if you check out 1 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. in the afternoon at the really big place in Cheektowaga for tomorrow, you will be golden.  But I would do that right away.

Here, HERE'S A LINK to help you out.

So get going now! Do, or do not, there is no try.

May the force be with you.


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