Stadium Study Next Step Toward Action in Buffalo

Analysts, Developers See Study as a 'Pitch Builder'

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Why another study?

The facilities study announced by the Pegulas on Tuesday sounds very similar to one completed by Erie County not long ago, with the exception of including improvements to KeyBank Center.

Why so many studies and so little concrete steps toward a solution?

"They know they have to go through all the public approvals and work that side out," said Mike Sunnucks of the Sports Business Journal, who points to the coming request for public dollars as one reason to over-analyze. "Doing these studies can kind of bolster their case."

In the example of a new downtown football stadium, developer Carl Paladino said bolstering their case would include using a study to assemble and showcase how a new facility could boost the surrounding area.

"Putting all that together is what a study does," said Paladino. "I expect that this study is intended to show all the logic to minimize costs and maximize exposure and use of whatever they're going to build."

Pegula Sports and Entertainment Chief Operating Officer Bruce Popko said it's premature to estimate the costs and how much taxpayer assistance might be required. 

"Until we have more specifics about what the stadium may look like, what may be related to it, it's too early to tell you what the pitch may be," Popko said.

Perhaps we'll have those answers soon.

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