Slight Newfane Earthquake Recorded

Mag. 1.9, Two Miles Offshore near 3:30 Wed Morning


The US Geologic Survey reports a small minor earthquake off Newfane early this morning in Lake Ontario. near 3:21 in the morning.

The quake is of such small magnitude that it's effects are minimal and may not have even been noticed, according to Mark Castner, director of the Braun-Ruddick Semismograph Station at Canisius College. 

Here's the listing from the US Geologic Survey


Location: 43.262°N 78.718°W

Depth: 5.0 km

Origin Time :2017-09-06 07:21:09.950 UTC

Number of Stations11

Number of Phases19

Minimum Distance6.5 km (0.06°)


Earlier this summer there were some similar larger quakes recorded in July.  On July 11, there was a  2.5 magnitude earthquake, approximately  8.6 miles from Olcott, 3.1 miles deep in Lake Ontario. A few days earlier there was a  similar smaller 2.1 magnitude quake on Friday, off Lake Erie near Port Colborne, but Castner is quick to say that we are not on the way to experiencing anything similar to what they see far more often in places like California.

"It's always tempting to say that when earthquakes occur close in time and close in proximity that one caused the other, and that's very hard to establish. That might be true, but in this case, in the kinds of earthquakes we have here in Western New York, most of them are rebounds from the Ice Age or they may be related to an ancient ancient fault that pretty much died millions of millions of years ago but still causes these little earthquakes,"  Castner said at the time. 

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