Sinkhole Opens Up In East Aurora

Flooding plagues southern Erie County

Richard Root
November 06, 2017 - 5:10 am

WBEN Photo/Tim Wenger


East Aurora, NY (WBEN) - The record rain on Sunday led to flooded roads and property across Western New York, and even a sinkhole opening up in East Aurora.  

The gaping sinkhole is in the parking lot of Mikey Dee's Cafe and Catering along Main Street at Willow in the village.  A temporary fix to the problem area over the giant culvert which carries Tannery Brook failed in the record rainfall Sunday and a massive hole filled with asphalt and corrugated culvert now fills the void.  Mikey Dee's owner Mike DiJoseph tells WBEN on the scene this has been a problem area for the village and now the costs to rerpair the gaping sinkhole will escalate drastically.  Mikey Dee's has been shut down and has no power or gas service for the time being.

Flooding started around 6:00 p.m. Sunday and intensified as the evening wore on.  In the north towns, the usual suspects saw flooding, like Sheridan Drive, Kenmore Avenue and Englewood all in Tonawanda.

The 33 flooded near Eggert.

William Street right at the I-90 flooded and was open and closed to traffic a few times it seems.

In fact, flooding was an issue at several exits along the I-90 South all the way down to Fredonia. Fredonia was hit pretty hard; residents on two streets were forced to evacuate. Staple nightclug Sunny's had a foot of water inside.

Transit Road flooded between Broadway and Walden.  Officials had asked people to stay away from that area.

Most of these flooded areas were closed for an hour or two, but eventually re-opened, or at least became passable.

However, it seems East Aurora may be among the worst affected.  A trailer park on Olean Road was reported to have been under four feet of water in spots.  The flooding did not last long and receded overnight.


East Aurora Mayor Allan Kasprzak says it's an emergency situation and hazard to the public. Kasprzak told WKBW repairing the sinkhole could cost up to a million dollars.

No reports of injuries or major accidents due to the flooding.

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