Simple Home Improvement Projects to Do While at Home

Tom Puckett
March 23, 2020 - 4:00 am
Dominic Cortese

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) You're most likely sitting at home as many jobs are deemed nonessential and ordered closed by Governor Cuomo to help combat the spread of coronavirus. What can you do around the house to improve it without going to a home improvement store?

Dominic Cortese, WBEN's resident home improvement expert, says there are simple ideas. "Maybe it's time to assess those areas of the house that are little used and maybe could be better used. Maybe it's time to take inventory of areas where you have excessive storage and areas where you could clean things out and maximize your storage space," says Cortese. He says assess your house inside and out.

Cortese says a simple project involves rearranging furniture in a room. "You would be amazed what a change in perspective that would give you, especially if it's been a while since you've done that. Just rearranging the furniture could make your home look different," says Cortese. He also says if you've meaning to paint a room, grab a brush and paint.

You might have put them away in January, but "you've heard a lot of people are putting out their Christmas lights. This might be another way to brighten your outlook," suggests Cortese.

He also has an idea that doesn't require sweat equity. "Start from Facetime calls with your neighbors to see if they're doing well, either by Facetime or by phone," adds Cortese.

Cortese says it's important to remain positive, and understand it's a painful time we're in, but hopefully something that's short term.

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