Shutdown Advice: Work Together

Mickey Kearns has run as a Dem and a Rep

WBEN Photo/Susan Rose


Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) -  "Get a deal done and start working for us".  Newly elected Erie County Clerk Mickey Kearns offered his two cents on the government shutdown during an interview Monday morning on pistol permit recertification.

"People are frustrated" said Kearns. "It's a difficult time because both parties are polorized but people want something done".

There's nothing wrong with negotiation but Kearns said there are too many lobbyists and special interests in Washington. 

"When I was a state lawmaker, we had 5 consecutive years of on-time budgets.  Last year we were about a week late and Democrats and Republicans had to work together".

Kearns said the blame game has to stop.  "I'm a Democrat that won on the Republican line. That has never been done countywide.  When people come to me, I don't ask if they're a Dem or a Rep, instead I ask, How can I help?  We've got to get back to that". 

Kearns thinks we need more term limits at the federal and state level.  "When people stay too long, there's entitlement". 

Thoughts On Gov't Shutdown - Mickey Kearns


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