Shopping And Shipping: Don't Pay Extra

December 07, 2016 - 2:57 am
(WBEN) Next Sunday is the day retailers online offer a lot of deals on Free shipping Sunday, but  in most cases,  you do not have to wait, and you really shouldn't have to pay for shipping no matter what day it is.

Here's some top tips on getting free shipping and making sure that you aren't paying too much .

1. Wait until Sunday December 18th.  
Billed as free shipping Sunday, it is the day most retailers offer free shipping.

" There are literally hundreds of merchants that offer no shipping charges on that day, and part of the reason is December 19th is the last day you can ship and guarantee that your item gets there by Christmas Day," says Tracie the "Penny Pinchin' Mom" at  HEAR MORE

2. Negotiate.  
When you are online with a traditional brick-and-mortar retailer, open a chat window and talk with a representative.  If they think you might take your business someplace else, chances are they will

The strategy also works on E-Bay and with private sellers.

 "Definitely stay in contact with your seller. to get the free  shipping. Negotiate with the seller, or sometimes get them to do combined shipping (on many items) as well, says Joanne Simon, a heavy E-bay seller from Amherst.

3. Shop Around is offering free shipping right now on all orders, while sites like are charging a flat fee for multiple purchases.  If you look around the web for promo codes and free shipping coupons you can also get deals that aren't obvious.

4. Pay a Flat Fee for something like Amazon Prime

Amazon super user Kristen Lesh says it is worth it for her to buy Amazon Prime, the extra add on service that includes video streaming and free shipping on all items.

 She admits to being on Amazon about 10 to 15 times each day, and says for her the cost is worth it.  In fact, during a recent interview, she was interrupted by the latest delivery

" Lager packages cost a lot more, so you are doing that it is worth it. It was $85 a few years ago, but ... now is up to $107.  But I do  see value in it. I actually bought 200 pound dumbbells for my husband and had them shipped for free.," Lesh says.

There are also similar bundling or flat fee services like, but each customer has to balance the cost with the volume.

"With any membership that you purchase you have to weigh your options. make sure it is something you are going to use a lot, that it will be worth it.," says Melanie McGovern with the Better Business Bureau of Upstate NY.

"And read your fine print. Know how long your contract is.Some people might use it once and then keep paying for it over and over, so we tell people to always check what the terms of the contract are before they agree, " McGovern adds

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