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Shocking Video Shows Armed Robbery in Cab

Officials are investigating robbery caught by a dash cam

March 22, 2018 - 6:43 am

BUFFALO (WBEN) - Police are looking for a man who pulled off an armed robbery inside a Liberty Yellow Taxi cab on Friday in Buffalo's Black Rock neighborhood.

Footage from the dash cam, released by Liberty Yellow of Buffalo owner Bill Yuhnke, and it shows a male passenger pulling out a firearm and pointing it at the female driver. The police report says that the man told the driver to pull over and hand him the money, to which she complied. The video then shows the gunman taking off with $89 as well as a tablet. 

WATCH: Robbery caught on Dash Cam in Black Rock

Yuhnke says he was shocked, as were other managers of the company, upon seeing the video.

"We showed it to the managers of the company, including myself, and the room just got awfully quiet...," he said. "The emotion was really overtaking this whole meeting."

For that reason, Yuhnke decided to release the video, and he hopes the footage will help with the investigation.

"I think this video is going to put this man away."

Yuhnke also says the company has reached out to the victim.

"Well, she hasn't come back to work, yet," said Yuhnke about the driver. "She's a fairly new driver; she's only been with us for three days. We have had contact with her, and she's a wonderful woman. We're hoping that, emotionally, she'll be okay."

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