Sexual Harassment Claims Dominate Capitol Hill Discussion

Higgins and Collins appear on WBEN to comment

(WBEN) - While lawmakers are returning to Washington with plenty on their plates, sexual harassment allegations are dominating the discussion. 

Will the scandals stand in the way of business as usual? 

Those on Capitol Hill say it shouldn't, but there was no shortage of opinion on what should happen to the accused.

"Do I think Al Franken and John Conyers are going to resign? No," said Congressman Chris Collins on WBEN Monday morning. "Let's see how the politics on that plays out. I do think Roy Moore should step aside. It will be interesting to see what the Democrats have to say about Conyers and Franken."

Congressman Brian Higgins appeared on WBEN Monday, and was asked what should happen to Franken and Conyers.

"I think, when you have a pattern of behavior, when you have multiple accusers against an individual that's in a position of power as the Senator and the Congressman, yes they should resign," Higgins told WBEN. "As should anybody else that displays that kind of behavior and conduct over a subordinate." 

Hear he complete interview with both Collins and Higgins below:


DC: Back to Business At Hand - Congressmen Chris Collins & Brian Higgins

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