Sex Object Reportedly Tossed Onto Field At Bills Game

Bills fans up the ante in whacky behavior

Richard Root
December 04, 2017 - 4:18 am
dildo Bills game


Orchard Park, NY (WBEN) - Last season, at an October 30th game against the New England Patriots, some Bills fans got their Andy Warhol moment when they lobbed a sex toy on to the field.  On it was written "Brady's Dildo".

Yesterday, another object suspiciously shaped like a sex toy was thrown onto the field.  Numerous reports from fans and media say it was indeed another dildo.  It seems a tradition has been born. 

One video makes a point to show Brady noticing the marital aid.

The object was scooted off the field and, later, removed entirely by a contingent of Erie County Sheriff's Deputies and other staff.

As far as other fan antics go, it seems fans have taken the table smashing to another level.  Literally.  Fans are now jumping off buses or RV's onto tables.

This guy gets hurt jumping onto a table.  CAUTION: language and content (language gets naughty and the content could be disturbing).


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