Schumer and Trump Agree on North Korea, But Not on Farm Safety Subsidies

Senate Minority Leader Visits N. Java Farm Implement Sales

Dave Debo
September 20, 2017 - 2:05 pm

WBEN Photo/Dave Debo


(WBEN) President Trump and Democratic Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer have apparently found another area of common ground-- on the need to pressure China on both their unfair trade with the United States, and their ability to influence North Korea. But a particular budget cut that could effect farm safety is apparently a different matter that Schumer put in the spotlight in WNY Wednesday.

Speaking  at the Lamb & Webster dealership in North Java, one of the farmers at a news conference on farm safety issues asked Schumer about North Korea and what could be done.   Schumer responded by saying that he and the president both have the same philosophy.

"My father in law was a New York City cab driver, and he spoke like one," Schumer said. " and we were talking about China one day and he said ' We aren't Uncle Sam anymore we are Uncle Sap',"

"We have let China take complete advantage of us. So you could get a two-fer," Schumer said of the dual trade/North Korea strategy that President Trump has agreed to study.  "We can say to China we are not going to let you steal our jobs, we aren't going to let you exclude our companies, until you start being tough on North Korea. And he agrees to look at that."

Schumer was  in Wyoming County to announce bi-partisan support for an effort to fight budget cuts to the NEC, a program that researches farm safety issues and provides 70 percent re-reimbursement to farmers for rollbar equipment on older tractors in their fleet.

The Trump administration's broad budget outline cuts the program by 40 percent.

"If we really truly care about the individuals who put food on our plate, we need to maintain this funding. to not do so would be unthinkable," said Patrick O'Hara.

Since 1997 there have been four rollover accidents in Wyoming county, with two of them fatal, and another recent fatality in August in East Aurora.

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