School Speed Zone Beacons Going Up

Mayor Brown says 10,000 cars speed through those zones each day

Tom Puckett
February 17, 2020 - 4:00 am
School Zone Camera

WBEN Photo/Tim Wenger


Buffalo, NY (WBEN) Drivers in Buffalo have been warned about speeding in school zones, receiving notices in the mail. Once flashing beacons go up, those warnings could lead to a $50 fine.

"We're in the process of installing them right now at Canisius High School on Delaware and Makowski Early Childhood Learning Center at Jefferson and Best," says Buffalo Parking Commissioner Kevin Helfer. He says drivers told them it wasn't fair how close they were before seeing the signs--and cameras. "We heard very clearly they felt they were entering the school zones and they came upon them rather quickly without warning. We ordered the beacons a couple of months ago with every intention of installing them as soon as we can," notes Helfer.

Helfer says the beacon will flashing amber lights, reminding drivers they're about to enter a 15 mile an hour speed zone. If cameras catch them speeding once the beacons are up, it's a $50 fine, but it won't affect their license. "It does not go on their license as opposed to being stopped by a police officer for a vehicle and traffic infraction," says Helfer equating it to a parking ticket.

Helfer says the public will be informed once the beacons go live.

Star 102.5's Rob Lucas himself got one of those notices. "It was a violation for going through the McKinley High School zone. I was going 37 in a 15. It was funny, my wife was going to chastise me, but then realized she was in the car with me," says Lucas. 

Rob Lucas' speed zone violation

Lucas says he and his wife were going with the flow of traffic at the time, and received the notice a week or two later. "We had to backtrack when we drove through there," notes Lucas.

Mayor Brown says cameras have recorded more than 10,000 vehicles speeding in school zones each day. "When I heard that, I thought it was crazy. After I got that citiation, and I think about those 15 second it took me to get through that zone, there were 20 cars along with me, so that number is very believeable," says Lucas.

Lucas says while he likes the idea, he does have one concern. "I wonder if traffic's going so quickly, then slowing so quickly, I wonder if there are going to be accidents," ponders Lucas.


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