School Resource Officers Program Flourishes in West Seneca

Program started with two in 2002, now has five

Tom Puckett
February 23, 2018 - 4:00 am

West Seneca, NY (WBEN) One local police department has had a school resource officer program for more than a decade. The chief says it's cutting edge for this community.

Police Chief Dan Denz says there are five resources officers, one assigned to each of the high schools and middle schools, and one who floats at the elementary and parochial schools. "Back in 2002, we started a pilot program with just two officers at the time, and it's developed with the school district, and that's helped us be cutting edge nationwide," says Denz. 

Denz says the role is not disciplinary as some may think. "That's an auxiliary product you get from them, but they are there for interventions, and as a resource to help families in the district with problems before they get out of hand," explains Denz. 

Denz says time to time, he gets inquiries from law enforcement about how the program works, and requests for advice on how to get them running. "Like any other program, it's what you put into it. Our officers are highly trained. They go all over the country speaking and receiving training," says Denz. 

He anticipates more requests in light of the Florida school shooting as this has become a hot button topic. 

West Seneca Police Chief Dan Denz on School Resource Officers

Chief Denz on how school resource officers are used in West Seneca's schools.

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