Salvatore Changing Up Fireworks Show

Fourth of July display to be brought closer to canalside

Matt Moran
June 22, 2018 - 5:00 am

AP Photo


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WBEN) - Russell Salvatore has been running a Fourth of July fireworks show at canalside the last few years. He says it's been great show but after seeing a video of a show in New York City where it was done on the water, he wanted to bring that style to Buffalo. 

In previous years the fireworks would go off out at the Outer Harbor. It was a sky show that could be seen from very far distances but for Canalside the Sky Way was blocking a lot of the view. Now these fireworks that will go off the barge to right of the concert stage will provide a better experience. 

"It's a lower show, and you get a lot more fireworks when they're on top of you," Salvatore said

Salavatore says this crazy idea seemed like just a dream at first, he had to go through many steps of getting the approval from the city and the coast guard. Now that crazy idea he had is a reality.

"It makes you feel so great that you are an American," Salvatore said. "It's going to be dyanmite."

Now as the holiday is approaching he only has one concern.

"Hope it doesn't rain that day," Salvatore said. "I'll go crazy if it rains."

Salvatore says the event will cost over $100,000. It will start at 10 p.m.

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